VESA Introduces DisplayHDR True Black High Dynamic Range Standard for Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) and other Emissive Displays

DisplayHDR True Black enables up to 100X deeper black levels for gaming and home theater applications; VESA also adds new 500 level for ultra-thin HDR laptops with local dimming

SAN JOSE, Calif. – January 3, 2019 – The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) today introduced its new DisplayHDR True Black high dynamic range (HDR) standard, a variant on VESA’s widely adopted High-Performance Monitor and Display Compliance Test Specification (DisplayHDR). The new standard has been optimized for emissive display technologies, including organic light emitting diode (OLED) and future microLED displays.

DisplayHDR True Black allows for up to 100X deeper black levels in addition to a greater dynamic range and a 4X improvement in rise time compared to VESA’s DisplayHDR 1000 performance tier*. This enables a visually stunning experience for home theater and gaming enthusiasts in subdued lighting environments. DisplayHDR and DisplayHDR True Black are the display industry’s first fully open standards specifying HDR quality for LCD and emissive displays, respectively.

VESA also announced today that it has added a new 500 performance level to both the DisplayHDR and the DisplayHDR True Black standards to address the need for thin, ultra-lightweight HDR laptops. The new 500 level includes local dimming as well as the same color gamut, black level and bit-depth requirements associated with the 600 and 1000 levels with a small decrease in luminance compared to the 600 level, to bring about better thermal control in displays for super-thin notebooks. While the new 500 level is optimized for very small, ultra-slim displays, it actually applies to all resolutions and screen sizes, including those used in monitors.

Accelerated DisplayHDR Adoption Sets Stage for True Black

Since its introduction a year ago, VESA’s DisplayHDR standard has seen widespread and growing adoption among LCD display OEMs. To date, nearly three dozen displays across nine display OEMs have been released to market with DisplayHDR certification. Many more are expected to be introduced in the coming months. With the introduction of the new DisplayHDR True Black standard, VESA anticipates a similarly strong adoption curve among OLED display OEMs as has occurred with the DisplayHDR standard.

“Embracing the new DisplayHDR True Black standard, OLED is the ideal display technology for mixing bright highlights with deep, true blacks, so consumers can create extraordinary content or simply appreciate incredibly breathtaking imagery on their PCs,” said Jeremy Yun, vice president, OLED Marketing Team, Samsung Display Company. “The new standard, when coupled with VESA’s DisplayHDR logo program, will show consumers that True Black represents a highly important step in enhancing gaming, TV or movie watching, as well as viewing and editing of photos and videos. Users can see and feel a dynamic range that yields a superior high-end HDR experience.”

Deeper Black Levels with DisplayHDR True Black Standard

On LCD displays, what is considered “black” is actually a dark grey tone, which is a result of minor light leakage common with these displays. VESA defined the new DisplayHDR True Black specification with emissive displays in mind to bring the permissible black level down to 0.0005 cd/m2 – the lowest level that can be effectively measured with industry-standard colorimeters. For gamers and movie watchers in subdued lighting environments, displays adhering to the DisplayHDR True Black specification can provide incredibly accurate shadow detail and dramatic increases in dynamic range (up to 50X depending on lighting condition) for a truly remarkable visual experience.

A specification performance summary table for the VESA DisplayHDR and DisplayHDR True Black standards is available for download at

“When VESA unveiled the original DisplayHDR standard, we recognized that display technologies were quickly evolving, and we immediately set to work on developing a new open HDR standard for OLED and other emissive display technologies,” stated Roland Wooster, chairman of the VESA task group responsible for DisplayHDR, and the association’s representative from Intel Corporation for HDR display technology. “On behalf of all of the VESA member companies that contributed to the DisplayHDR True Black specification, I’m pleased to say that we are fulfilling our promise with today’s announcement. We’re extremely proud of this incredible, high contrast and high dynamic range standard. Consumers benefit from the transparency of the DisplayHDR True Black specification and logo, which makes it clear that they’re getting a display that yields huge performance improvements in subdued lighting environments.”

Added Wooster, “We’re also very excited to include the new 500 performance tier for the DisplayHDR and DisplayHDR True Black standards, which provides true local dimming, high color quality and a high contrast ratio at the lowest price point and thermal impact for display OEMs. This combination makes the 500 level ideal for ultra-thin notebook designs, but it’s equally applicable to monitors as well.”

More information on the DisplayHDR True Black and DisplayHDR specifications is available at

*Note to editors: Rise time refers to the amount of time it takes for the image on a display to change from black to white.

Note to Attendees at CES 2019

New products complying with the DisplayHDR specification will be demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 8-11, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall, DisplayPort booth #21266.

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