New CTS Released

On September 4th, 2019, VESA announced DisplayHDR CTS v1.1 the first major update to the fully open standard specifying HDR quality. Display products may now be certified under either spec, and all products must certify under the new DisplayHDR 1.1 spec after May 2020.

View CTS 1.1 Summary Table

The tables below provide a summary of the prior VESA certification test criteria are documented in DisplayHDR CTS v1.0 which can be downloaded here, along with other free VESA standards. Products may be certified under CTS 1.0 through the end of May 2020.

Summary Performance Criteria under CTS 1.0

* For the 1400 tier, the Tunnel Test has been superseded by the Checkerboard Active Dimming test described in DisplayHDR CTS 1.1. DisplayHDR-1400 certification requires 13.5 stops of active dimming at 50cd/m2 and 14.5 stops at 5cd/m2.


DisplayHDR CTS 1.0 Test Tool

VESA is the first standards body to publicly develop a test tool for HDR qualification, utilizing a methodology for the tests listed below that end users can apply without having to invest in costly lab hardware. The DisplayHDR test tool for CTS 1.0 can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.